2017-2018 DANCE TUITION is determined by times per week per dance class. It is based on a FULL YEAR OF DANCE (September thru June, regardless of holiday breaks). The 2017-2018 dance season is broken down into 10 monthly installments. Below are the monthly installments, figured by class time. 

Discounts are given for taking multiple classes. Siblings/same household receive 10% off dance, voice, and acting tuition.

30 Minute class per week=  $350/season, or $35/month
45 Minute class per week= $400/season, or $40/month
60 Minute class per week= $450/season, or $45/month
75 Minute class per week= $500/season, or $50/month
90 Minute class per week= $550/season, or $55/month          

*Each additional class taken will be discounted.

2017-2018 (8) Week Acting Workshops
$150 per eight week session

Each class is 1 hour (class will run 45 minutes, if less than 4 students enrolled)
*Discounts are given for students enrolled in dance and voice classes.

“3T Glee” 2017-2018 Vocal Performance Classes
$50 per month
Each class is a 45 minute vocal intensive, once a week. Class run by the semester. Semester I runs from September 9th through December 16th. Semester II runs from January 13th through June 16th and performs in the June Recital.